So that was quick to say the least. Today marks the end of my first year at The Denver Post. To say that it has been an amazing experience would be an understatement. In a year, I have been all over the state of Colorado, covered my first space craft launch, a mine wastewater spill, found this ridiculous love of shooting hockey, shot and over shot a Broncos game, got better at lighting, got out of my comfort zone then snuck back in just to get thrown from it for good, went to three farms (wheat, dairy and hemp), 10 dispensaries, seen two confederate flags, met an 81-year-old baseball player, got trusted with pretty large stories, bumped my head too many times to count, but also have an uncertain number of front pages that probably rival that number, learned from THE best photo staff in the country and on top of everything else get to come to work everyday and tell people that “My name is Brent Lewis. I am a photographer with The Denver Post.” Continue reading ›